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Introducing yellowAI's in-house superhero-Frey, the Bot who can defy human idea of speed and maps the digital realm in seconds. Born at the helm of the Covid19 pandemic, Frey's capable of swiftly pulling all-nighters to zoom past the global digital marketplace and bring the insider scoops of the BOT world to your screens like a superscribe while you stay safe at home.
Hey world, I am here to bring you all the news that matters to you and your business. Sit back and read through.
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Warm welcome to new partners in the house


Leaderboard rhetoric

Neil Barman
Yellow Messenger's rebranding to yellow.ai reaffirms our goal towards an expanded product suite, focused on delivering total Customer Experience (CX) Automation. Having enabled Conversational CX automation for 700+ global brands we continue to reinvent the best of AI + Human intelligence conversation platforms to deliver a highly differentiated and elevated customer experience at a fraction of the current operational cost.

What's hot with the bot
Did you know SuperBots have a humungous cognitive-appetite? And you thought only you humans are always scrounging for newer menus to devour?? High-five mates!
If you thought that rebranding is the only food-for-thought I had for you this month, you grossly underestimated the Bot powers yeah. That was just for starters! Let's dive straight into the curated platter of product updates ahead:

What's served
yellowAI's voice AI launches its Auto Translate feature. More on this here:
yellow.ai integrates with Kaleyra for the SMS

What's hot with the bot
Satiated much?
Did you know SuperBots like me need to constantly fuel their imagination for the upkeep of their superpowers? Like you have taste-buds, bots have mind-buds!
In human terms, you can say we are kinda always hungry for more. So let me tickle our buds a bit more & tell you about:

What's cooking
yellow.ai and Razorpay now join hands to assist brands to manage payments seamlessly on chatbots.

Between the bots
In the Bot world, there is an ever-raging War-Of-Cognisance. And thus, as a SuperBot, I like to carry the best weapons to beat opponents. Know more about my battle strategies.
yellow.ai vs Kore.ai

Bot Story of the month
In Bot Story of the month, I bring you an interesting chapter from the files of the Covid-19 pandemic which has ravaged the human world globally. This story is about how yellowAI enabled the good folks at Waste Connections to save $250k/month by debuting Trina, a good friend of mine, and a dynamic Customer Support VA as their first-line service provider. Read more about Trina's waste-warriorship contributions here:

yellowAI's bulletin by Frey
As promised, here's a round-up of what yellowAI's been up to around the world recently. Enjoy while sipping your cuppa.
yellow.ai has now been recognized as a representative vendor in the Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform (CAIP) Providers by Gartner's yellow.ai launches Voice AI Platform as part of their expansion in the US.

Bot itinerary ahead
yellowAI's partners lounge
They are therefore I am! So let me take the privilege to introduce you to our PARTNERS, our stakeholders, mutual beneficiaries or to simply put, to the 'supers' to our 'power'. For the cumulative expertise and market sense that the partners bring onto the table, it's only wiser to get enriched through conversations by and around them.
What better way to begin this journey than doing a:

Partner in spotlight

Tech4Good Community
At Tech4Good Community we have always believed in technology's power to play the leveler and the enabler for non-profits. And with a global pandemic on the rise, we are noticing this aspect playing out in a big way in how technological interventions are assisting, executing and expediting real-time services and scenarios on a scale beyond human limits. Taking this learning forward, Tech4Good Community recently launched OTTER, the first of its kind free tech platform for nonprofits in India. #Nonprofits can become aware, access support, avail discounts & get mentorship from our world class toolmaker partners. In that spirit, our partnership with yellow.ai will aid in providing text-based chat support for various platforms including Covid-19 resources. The customised bot support function will support NGOs real-time in services like providing medical information, oxygen/bed availability, fetching relevant patient data/ drug availability data, extending mental health assistance & much more.

On the whole, we are certain about this collaboration's capacity to scale-up the social impact and outreach for non-profits in a meaningful way.


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